Chwilio ffurf

Mark 1

Jesus Heals a Leper

40A leper (a nafli mush) jelled up to Jesus,

knelt down,

and putched him to help.

“If you want,” the mush pukkered,

“you can make me kushti again.”

41Jesus felt sorry for him

and reached out his vast

to touch him.

“I'll ker it for tuti,” he answered.

“Av kushti!”

42Straightaway the naflipen mukked the mush

and he was kushti again.

43Then Jesus bitchered him away,

and rokkered him, very strict,

44“Shun-ta,” he pukkered,

“don't pukker no-one what's happened.

Jell straight to the rashai,

let him dick you,

then jell and muller an animal

for a sacrifice

according to the laws of Moses,

to sikker everyone you're kushti again.”

45But the man jelled off

and pukkered what had happened

to everyone he dicked.

He rokkered that much,

Jesus could not jell into a gav

where foki could dick him.

They gave him no peace,

so he atched out on his kokero

in lonely places,

but the foki still jelled

to dick him from all over.

Kushti Lavs (Good News in Romany) 1981

This version of the Kushti Lavs Romany text © BFBS 2013.

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